Things to do

Wondering what you can do while you stay with us?

Come visit Baikuntha Taal. A stunning place that is 1.5 hr of tuk-tuk or car ride plus a 30-minute hike from Madi. It has a spiritual meaning for the locals and offers serene and undisturbed natural beauty.

Or take an easy walk through the lush jungle to one of the many ancient temples and natural places of worship traced back to the times of the Hindu Epics Ramayana and Mahabharata / Bhagavad Gita.

It is said that Madi Valley is the birthplace of Ram, the husband of Sita, and that the 5 Pandav brothers with their wife Draupadi spent their time of forest exile in the jungles surrounding Bankatta.

Things to do during your visit

  1. Village Tour (1 hour )
  2. Short Nature Hike: temples & waterfalls
    -Godak Dham (20mins )
    -Pach Pandap/ Bhim mandir (40mins )
    -Baikuntha tal (1.5 hr drive, 40 mins hike)
    -Parsuram kunda (2 hr hike )
    -Aust Bhuja Shiva Mandir (30min )
    -Ram Dham (1.5 hr )
  3. Backyard farm activity (as per the season) (30 mins- 1 hr )
  4. Traditional food cooking lesson
  5. Bote Dance show
    (This can be occasional as per the community availability)
  6. Cycling around the village (1-2 hour)
  7. Daily farm/Village activities