About Madi Eco Village

Madi eco-village is a hospitality project with its roots deep in the Bot community. It’s community-led, community-built and community-run. Two standalone homestay cottages and a community hall; designed with consultation with the community and built using local natural building materials, are contemporary expressions of the Bots’ decades old ways of building.

The homestays are run by the locals and the income generated will help support the livelihood of the residents of Bankatta. Madi eco-village will introduce you to the beautiful culture of the Bots, freshly cooked authentic food, comfy & community-built spaces, the generous hospitality of Bots, and much more.

This project was launched in October 2018. It was driven by the Womens’ Group of Bankatta and co-funded by the REPIC plattform with support from the following organizations – connecting spaces, Sustainable Mountain Architecture, myclimate, NEFACO, the Doko RecyclersGreen Bamboo Creation, and Nepal Inside Out Trek & Tours.