"Welcome to an authentic & sustainable village-stay experience."

Community built | Community led | Community run

Special cottages

Two standalone homestay cottages are designed with consultation with the community and built using local natural building materials. They are contemporary expressions of the Bots' decades old ways of building. You will find a high airy ceiling, a modern ensuite, bamboo furniture and a wide porch overlooking the serene, sustainable...


Things to do

Wondering what you can do while you stay with us? Come visit Baikuntha Taal. A stunning place that is 1.5 hr of tuk-tuk or car ride plus a 30-minute hike from Madi. It has a spiritual meaning for the locals and offers serene and undisturbed natural beauty. Or take an...


Sustainable building by SMA

Our design process in the beginning included number of site visits where we got to know the locals, their culture, way of life and their priorities for the community and the kind of issues that they were facing. This dialogue with the locals helped finalize the brief for the project:...